Ramblings at past midnight

Don’t blame me if this post ends up to be a hodge podge of nonsensical ideas and thoughts.  It’s 1AM here in  New York, and I’m catching the second run of “Clear and Present Danger” on TV.  (What happened to the CSI and Cold Case reruns I used to catch at this hour?)  No, I am not thinking it’s Friday when it’s a Thursday night.  I think it might be the new herbal meds I’m taking to get rid of some of the “extra me” that just won’t let me go back to a decent size 10.

Alan and I watched Drag Me to Hell on DVD earlier this evening which I don’t recommend for the faint of heart and those who have a weak stomach.  (Too much gore.. at least for my taste.)

Then I went on to browsing researching altered game piece jewelry — or altered domino pendants — which was actually an offshoot of my discovery of scrabble tile pendants from a few days ago, plunging me into research about resin jewelry .  Now I found out about “inchies” which can actually be made on scrabble pieces or by themselve, in paper or fabric. 

Hmmmm.. nice to think of getting into these crafts when time permits — but time doesn’t.  Besides, I have yarns to knit, scrapbook layouts to make, and motherhood and work.  I have this itch to use one of my son’s older watercolor palettes from the dollar store to color newspapers I want to make into a collage which I can use as a scrapbook background paper.  Not exactly the best time to work with paper, though  — it’s raining so the air has a lot of moisture.  The best time to handle paper (more so when there is drying involved) in my experience is when it’s warmer.  Which basically means waiting for June or just doing it anyway and just being doubly patient with waiting for the finished product to dry.)

“The phone is still on, Moira..”  .. Why hasn’t Tom Clancy written any new novels?  Whatever happened to the continuation of “Teeth of the Tiger“?

It’s been a cold, cold day — they say it’ll be raining all weekend.  I went up to the attic to get more of Angelo’s fall and winter clothes from his off-season bin earlier tonight.  I need to fish out my gloves from my dresser, too.  Today was definitely scarf-and-gloves but I went out unprepared.  Never again.

And I think I’m finally sleepy..  I want to write about my friends back home who fell victim to the onslaught of the floods.. we always think of disasters in terms of our kababayans (countrymen) out in the provinces — not in the city.  There were floods, yes — but to actually end up losing literally everything like some friends did — was just such an overwhelming feeling. 

Let me stop here.  I need to get some sleep before I have to start yet another day in paradise.  Happy Friday, folks!

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