Rainy Sunday Reflections

I had started writing a post here between the “sinaing” (rice) and preparing lunch, and Internet Explorer 8 gobbled up my open tabs.   And although WordPress has been generally good in autosaving my drafts, I wasn’t as lucky this time.  Big sigh..  So let me try again..

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning.   I could actually hear the wind blowing outside.  The weatherman was dead on — rain and lots of it.   I guess we’re staying indoors.  I’m trying to make a mental tally of what my grocery needs are.  A trip to Target seems out of the question.  (I don’t want to lug shopping bags from the car to the doorstep while trying to dodge the rain, with or without an umbrella.)  Maybe a trip to the neighborhood Keyfood later?  I’m not inclined to go too far and head to my usual grocery, Waldbaum’s. 

I think I’m in pretty good shape — I haven’t even washed the dishes from lunch yet and I’m already planning dinner.  Hmmm.. it’s a little trickier when my stepson is here.  I usually come up with the meal with three considerations: Alan and myself, the little tyke and my diabetic 79-year-old mother-in-law.  Now there’s a fourth.  Alan proposed a solution — he will just buy the kids burgers for dinner later, and I can cook up something healthy for him and Mom.  Yes to that.

Bumblebee De Luxe Costume
Bumblebee De Luxe Costume

Can you believe how we’re halfway through October, and almost done with the year?  I’m thinking of the rest of the year in terms of the holidays coming up:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I don’t really decorate for Halloween because my focus is more on preparing the goodies for the trick or treaters, and getting the tyke set up with his costume of choice.  This year it was not a difficult decision:  he wanted to be Bumblebee from Transformers 2.  We snapped up his costume weeks ago before the store ran out of his size and before the ones on display got all banged up.  (Costume shopping can be such a challenge when you’re competing with the rest of the moms and kids out there.)  I haven’t quite gotten my candies yet.  (Cheap me, I’m waiting for them to go on sale..they are already on sale, but they’ll dip some more by next weekend!)  I’ve always toyed with the idea of being in costume myself, but this is the first real Halloween for Angelo wherein I will not be rushing home from work.  We’ll see.

My hands are sore from practicing with a spool of utility wire I picked up from the dollar store before the weekend.  At 75 feet for a dollar, I’ve been able to practice my loops and wiring techniques without worry of wastage.  It’s not exactly the ones you find in the jewelry supply stores, but its dull grey tone is good for pewter findings and charms.  It would also make for a good chain or link base for some black, silver and clear beads I’m recycling from older pieces.  A site I came across also suggests wrapping the wire with thinner-gauge colored or plated wire.  That’s a thought.  I’ve put aside my knitting kneedles in the meantime but the colder weather definitely means I’ll be picking them up again soon.

I’ve found myself browsing the stores of Etsy more and more these days, surfing for ideas and just admiring the different works of the artisans selling there.  (Special mention again to Rina Calica-Ward’s Nostalgems which brought me in that direction.)  For novices like myself, sites like this help to nurture our creative instinct and give us inspiration.  No matter how amateur my own attempts at creating things may be, it helps to give me an outlet for expression.  I have always believed that it is never too late and one can never be ever too old to learn something new or start something different.

My afternoon is slipping away and I must run after the tyke to do his weekend homework.  I haven’t been firm enough in resisting his supplications to postpone it for later as he is busy playing.  Besides, it gave me an excuse to browse and write here.  Time to run after him and pester him into getting down to business.. right after the dishes are washed and put away.

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