Thinking about blogging

Along Aurora Blvd I’m winding down the visit here in Manila and blogging has been on my mind in practically everything I’ve been doing.  There are moments when I’d be thinking of a line to write as I am commuting from one place to the next. I’ve tried. The thing is, I seem to be in a rut.  What to do.. I figure I’d just write off the cuff and see what comes out.

I have snippets running through my mind, and it’s more of a running list of random thoughts instead of coherent stories or posts.  I think that’s a start.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out the best possible way to spend the next 48 hours.  Literally.  I will have to be on my way to NAIA by this time on Thursday to catch my noon-something flight to Incheon then to New York.  *sigh*  Can I stay?  Unfortunately, no.  I have already over-extended Angelo’s vacation.  He was supposed to return to school this Monday.

During previous visits, I usually pack my last 48 hours with last minute meetings.  This time, I have picked a few important and “cannot do without” meetings. I’m almost done.  The rest of the time, I intend to spend with Dad who is still in the hospital.  I tried to spend time with him yesterday but he was asleep the two times I was there.  At least it gives me comfort that he is at rest, and not in distress.

Right now, I literally just want to walk to the corner (N. Domingo and M. Paterno) with my cam in hand to snap up more pics of Jeepneys for my Flickr folder on the King of the Road.  That wouldn’t really be such a bad idea considering it’s probably the safest place for me to be at right now with an SLR-looking cam shooting pictures of moving vehicles without having to fear being held up or having my cam snatched away from me.

Hmmm.. that’s a thought best translated into action before it starts to get too hot here in San Juan.


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