Back home in New York

I’ve actually been here since Thursday evening (January 7).  The jetlag is still a handicap, so between the unpacking and catching up with sleep, I haven’t been able to do much.  My mind is still pretty much in Manila.  I am worried about my Dad who is stable but still gravely ill.  The reality of being back in New York has already hit me, what with the ultra cold temperatures we are experiencing.  (Currently 27 degrees with a realfeel of 9 according to Accuweather.)  I actually braved walking back from the cornerstores as Alan drove to an event in the city.  It wasn’t that bad only because the sidewalks weren’t littered with snow.  Imagine how much colder it would be if the snow hit us.

It’s bittersweet being home, but after putting together all the pros and cons, this is where I’m supposed to be.  My father was taken ill and rushed to the intensive care unit midway through what was supposed to be a four-week holiday.  Angelo and I had spent the afternoon with him at his place for lunch.  He had given his Christmas present to Angelo which delighted the tyke no end because they were look alikes of his beloved Transformer robots.  Forget that they were knock-offs.  He only cared that he had new robots which looked like his favorites.  Grandpa got a loving hug.  I wish now that I had captured that moment on camera. 

In the midst of unpacking, I find myself making a mental list of the things I had hoped to get which I failed to, places to visit that I didn’t get to reach, and a host of other non-events that I had been looking forward to doing during this trip.  And yet there were many firsts, and much more that I had managed to do given the short period of time that I really was able to move around.  I didn’t really lose out on much.  It was just that I had to adjust and realign my plans based on the events that cropped up.

A vacation in Manila is never long enough.  Yes, even if my original four weeks stretched to five and made it a full month for me.  (Arrived on December 7 and left on January 7.)  Yet there I was imploring the Korean Airlines ground crew to check a last time before checking me in if there were two seats that opened up on any of the flights to New York on January 9, hoping against hope for one last extension.  The flights were full.

So I headed home.  Been home a week now but still not quite back to the usual routine.  I slept from 9pm-midnight and have been up since.  Soon the boys will stir and get ready for another day.  I guess that’s all the shuteye I’m getting for now.

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