After the rain…

We woke up to a rainy and windy Monday.  Whipping out an umbrella seemed to be an exercise in futility as we dropped Angelo off in school, but he made it.  After wading through the morning traffic, we eventually got to Manhattan.  After a wet morning and early afternoon, it looks like the sun decided to peek out and it’s actually clear outside. 

This and the previous week happen to be milestone weeks for me as I step in (literally) into a new phase in mycareer.  No, I did not decide to give up on the corporate world and shift to retail.  I officially started with a new boss after the original one fell victim to a reorganization sometime last year.  I would’ve had until the end of February to find a new position within the company, and I have been trying to find a good fit since late last year, but in the end it all worked out.  The last opportunity that came up turned out to  be the best of all, finding me back in the same department where I started out in 7 years ago.  It was like “coming home.”  (And I write that with a smile on my face.)

I am grateful because the uncertainty is gone.  I had had enough time to absorb the facts of my situation and having known as early as the third quarter of the previous year of my fate and how much time I had left has helped me to anchor my feet firmly on the ground.  It helped me to deal with the situation with calm more than panic.  Had this opportunity not come up, I was getting ready to look outside of the company and see what was out there for me.  Given the current economic climate, I didn’t want to have to do that, but I could not let the days go by and wait for the end of my “grace period” without doing anything.

Once again, I find myself saying “Things happen for a reason..”.  As opportunities slipped by and didn’t work out for one reason or another (too early hours, budget considerations, personality preferences, etc.), I kept telling myself these were just not meant for me.  Otherwise, I would’ve found my new home.  And find my new home, I have.  I am happy that none of those other openings worked out — because I would probably have regretted not being able to go for this post that I now hold.  It meant  working again with the people I had started out with.  The old boss in this department is now gone, but the new one is even more senior and well respected in the company.  Where I used to be on the top floor of the building, I am now halfway down the building, more than 20 floors down but I still command a good view of the same side of Manhattan. 

It’s like the sun coming out again after a day of rain.  It’s just as if someone up there wants to send me the message that everything will be alright.  Amen.


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