Between uploading and another weekend..

I’ve been trying to write a blog post all week long and here I am trying once again at 15 minutes to midnight this Sunday evening. I’m torn between putting coffee in the coffeemaker or pulling out my pearl and silver findings organizer from my craft closet to try and come up with a piece for my Etsy storeCSI NY is playing until 12:35 so I can expect to be up at least until the end of the rerun.

It feels like Winter came back full force all of a sudden after it afforded us a respite last week.  I actually even found myself spending a few minutes a night or two in Bryant Park as I tried to capture the visual magic of the lighting effect on the bare limbs of the trees that stand regally above the ice skating rink.  The view is breathtaking from above and from across the street.  So twice I walked into the park and clicked away. 

It’s been a little project of mine and I’m coming back to experiment with my fancy point-and-shoot this coming week, weather permitting.  It’s a sight that will disappear once they take down the skating rink and we slowly slide into spring and between the first and the second visit, the Empire State Building had changed its lights from white to green. 

The trees seem to  have a life of their own.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve picked up my projects and started getting on with the scrapbook material sorting and I am seriously trying to avoid picking up a crochet hook and hoping to shake the urge to start another piece.  (Too many things in progress at this time..)  I picked up a piece of paper I had put some resin on as an experiment and now I have an idea about creating scrapbooking embellishments like those gel stickers.  But that’s another project for another time.. I have enough on my hands right now.


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