After the snow stopped falling…

New York Winter SceneI was  a little wary of writing about “after the snow” fell because there were threats of more snow which came.. and now they said maybe Monday again.  Maybe.

So the snowstorm has passed, and it’s getting warmer but still quite cold outside.  I’m feeling uner the weather after having taken cared of Angelo through his own bout with fever earlier during the week.  It’s just another one of those days…

Snow is beautiful and breathtaking to watch when it’s falling if you’re indoors and not in its way.  There’s a quite peace when you see freshly fallen snow on the ground — covering everything in a blanket of pure white.  But not when you have to get home in the middle of a heavy snow fall, or when you trudge through the slush and the ice as it starts melting all around you.

I’ve been keeping busy.  I finally sent off some letters.  I am working on more pieces for the Etsy store.  (Just had another sale go through!)  I have more letters to write, and hopefully a book to start reading.  (I’d have loved to get to reading “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief“, but I have a half dozen books still unread on my bookshelf.) 

Cold days and nights only make me miss Manila all the more.  I’d take the warmth and pollution of Manila any day to the cold and freezing temperatures of New York.


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