Coffee or Tea?

I was never really a coffee drinker.  Well, that was before I met Alan.  I used to drink Nescafe instant coffee or Taster’s Choice, and then I would load up on Coffeemate.  I always said I drank coffee for the Coffeemate. 

These days, I drink coffee as a morning ritual because of the demands of the work day.  I only take one cup a day, though.  The morning brew is the only one — and the rest of the day, my source of caffeine is my diet soda.  I have learned to be somewhat discerning of the coffee I drink, so even when back home, it has to be Figaro if not Starbucks.  And even among the various concoctions and coffee flavors of these two coffeeshops,  I tend to have my favorite lighter blends.  And who can beat Manila’s Starbucks stores for having those yummy treats like ensaymada, tuna and corned beef pan de sal?

I still had quite a stash of the Barako and Excelsa coffee that my dear friend Ces sent home with me in June of 2009.  I am just about to finish my stocks after alternating it with the Kape Vinta blend which is only available in Manila’s Starbucks shops.  (My guess is it’s marketed as a different brew overseas — we actually only heard about Kape Vinta because of a friend who used to work as a District Manager for Starbucks on the West Coast.)  I’m not worried.  I brought home a bunch of Figaro coffee beans which should keep us well stocked for a couple of  months more.

I would occasionally drink tea like these days when I have a bad cold.  My preference: the hard to find Jasmine tea (the Americans being more attuned to the taste of Chamomile) or something minty and lemony or orangy.  I had my sister ship me three batches of Jasmine tea which I still have.   This I would sometimes drink with honey or with creamer.

So what’s  your preference?  Coffee or tea?


0 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. You can’t find jasmine tea in NYC?? Or is there a particular jasmine tea that you like that they don’t carry here in the US?

    I actually don’t like Chamomile tea,…I don’t know anyone that does! Most of us americans prefer black teas like earl grey or orange pekoe (which is what Lipton tea is).


  2. let’s just say you’ve put the perfect words into my mouth!esp.that creamer on coffee! and the 1x a day caffeine fix! and I do drink tea once in a while too.I like the flavored ones but any tea will do.. plain though:)


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