Make mine Jasmine

Whoa.. the blog is alive.  I can’t believe I’m posting again after just doing a complete post yesterday.  (Inspiration comes with the cold?  The one causing the sniffles, not the one that makes us layer clothing..) 

Thanks to Ces and Nikita for their comments on the previous post re: Coffee or Tea

Nikita, Jasmine Tea is not as readily available here in NYC be it in the grocery aisles or in the tea salons or restaurants who serve a variety of tea.  In Manila, you’ll find it right next to the Lipton varieties in every grocery store.  I have had the chance to order it or see it in select places, but groceries carry the usual Earl Grey or Chamomile, and the ever popular Green Tea.  And they’re so much cheaper in Manila, even the imported variety.

But these days that I’m needing more than just a boost for my tastebuds, I’m sticking to Lemon Zinger.

I like Jasmine because of it’s fragrance and sweet taste.  Even in wines, I lean towards the rieslings.  It’s my sweet tooth. =) 

I’m on my second cup of Lemon/Honey flavored Lipton tea this morning.  After the Barako/Excelsa blend for breakfast, I’m trying to help ease the breathing and keep myself hydrated by drinking lots and lots of fluids.  I’m almost tempted to mix up some honey calamansi which I have stocked in the fridge (or the dalandan/honey variety which is yet unopened), but one thing I’ve learned is that the citrus doesn’t exactly help the vocal cords, and I sound like a man already as it is.  So I’ll stick to the hint of lemon from Lipton.

I was kind of hoping I’d be back in tiptop shape for work tomorrow.  I guess not.  I do have to make an appearance so I will, box of tissue ready and all.  The thing is that the anti-germ culture here is stronger  — you can actually refuse to shake someone’s hand when introduced because you have a cold.  I can almost imagine my neighbors on the floor shuddering each time I let out a strong and loud sneeze.  My boss actually told me in jest to go home and stop infecting everyone.  (More truth to that than a joke actually.)  I had tried to assure everyone that it was allergies and nothing contageous, but when I started feeling cold and the sneezing was deeper and louder, I began to realize I caught what Angelo had earlier during the week.  It’s the bane of motherhood.

The snow has started to melt outside but there are still patches of ice.  I would’ve loved to stay indoors and just fiddle away with the chains and tools as I’ve started creating bracelets and necklaces from my chains and findings, but I need to make a stop at the Asian store for some rice and the little boy’s Yan-yan.  (So Etsy will have to give way to motherhood and wifely duties — have to keep my boys well fed.)  And there’s the family lunch with the stepson indulging us a visit after weeks of the Dad offering a movie date.  (Male bonding time.) 

The usual grocery is done thanks to FreshDirect.  I had made my craft stop at Michael’s last week, and no coupons are luring me back in.  (40% off a single regular priced item.. hmmmm… don’t really need anything right now.)  We might make a stop at Target to pick up some sundries although I really don’t need anything in particular there on my end.

I have stashed away the bead and finding trays in the closet for now as I need to think of which beads will go with which chains.  I can’t believe the weekend’s over.  It’s that “wish there was another day to the weekend” feeling creeping up on me again. 

Monday, here I come…


One thought on “Make mine Jasmine

  1. Is there a particular filipino brand that you like then? I’m curious! My mom is going to PI in Sept for her annual trip so I can ask her to get me some to try.

    I’ve got some random jasmine tea from the asian store plus the Lipton green tea (which my parents drink). I recently got a sample of Celestial Seasonings Green tea which turned out to be quite good. I actually like my green tea light tasting sometimes and that one was light and smooth.


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