Welcoming another Monday

I’ve done my Tuseran forte, and my naproxen for the splitting headache which is now gone.  I’m still sniffing and I’m hoping my voice will sound a little more normal tomorrow.

We did our errands.  Jasmine rice (Milagrosa) — check.  Yanyan for the tyke — check.  Nails painted — check.  My hands need a major wax treatment.  I’d do it if only I didn’t have the wounds and scratches from the little mishaps with the pliers as I worked with the chains.  I’m thinking some handcream should be sufficient.  (Note to self: grab some tomorrow.)

It’s already a feat having had the time to paint the nails tonight.  I usually do it by sneaking out to the lady’s room for my mid-morning break and painting my nails in one of the cubicles.  (Horrors!)  I’d do it on my desk but that to me is like putting make up there which should be rightfully done in privacy.  And there’s the issue of offending someone’s olfactory senses.  So I hide.

Monday.  There are some things I’m waiting on which I know will happen this week.  Not so much of a big surprise to me — but something which will catch a lot of other people off guard I’m sure.  All I can say is that I continue to be blessed.  Whatever challenges come my way, there is always the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Always.  It’s a matter of believing that you know it’s there.

I try not to let the worries get to me.  It is not always easy and I don’t always succeed, but I try not to look at the negatives — more so the people who just try to put you down, and just keep trying to rise above the challenges I find myself facing.  I have long ago accepted that I cannot have everyone like me.  There will always be those who won’t agree with the way I do things, or the things I say.  And much like how we find ourselves liking some people for no particular reason — as people say in the vernacular, magaan ang loob natin — there will always be people who just won’t quite be a fit for us even when they’re not doing anything in particular.  I am not immune from that — but I’ve learned that it is best to avoid contact with people I don’t like rather than keep dwelling on why I don’t like them.

The same goes for the people who just don’t like me.  Tough.  I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve been in a new position for four weeks now.  It was like a homecoming for me of  sorts because I have found myself among the people I started working with the first time I joined this company 7 years ago.  I feel welcome all around, and beyond doing something I like doing, what more can I ask for besides working with people I really enjoy spending the day with.  It makes the challenges of life easier.  No matter how chaotic or how long a day it may be, we can laugh through the challenges and breathe a collective sigh of relief when the day is done.  And it makes Mondays something to look forward to.


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