A Preview of Spring

New York City has been blessed with two days of sunshine and warm weather, a welcome respite from the cold, cold days in the past few weeks.  I can almost feel spring!

Something has irritated my left eye which can either be (1) the superglue I was using to “anchor” the plastic cord of a resin and stone bead necklace I was assembling last night, or (2) some stray jewelry wire “dust shaving” resulting from the tugging and wringing of the brooches I’m working on.  (It has been such a struggle literally and figuratively,  but a learning process I’m really enjoying.)  The anti-allergy medicine kicked in last night but the eye still shows some irritation.  I guess I need another dose.

I haven’t posted anything in more than a week in my Etsy store although I managed another sale last week. (Hooray!)  I am heartened and inspired to create more.  I have a measly 37 items on sale and I’m beginning to realize this is really a numbers game.  So the more you offer, the more you sell.  The only thing is that between creating, photographing and posting, I don’t have enough free time given the demands of motherhood and work.  (I guess thinking about my reading goal at this point is really futile if I’m supposed to focus on creating more pieces to sell..)

Speaking of which, I’m on solo parenting duty (again) because Alan is away on business.  I’m not complaining.  It’s just not getting any easier no matter how many times he’s been away.  He says I have 5 Starbucks mugs now which I am looking forward to unwrapping when he returns.   Given that he’s hopping down 4 countries in Europe, it must be love — imagine him lugging 5 and he is just halfway through his trip.  Thanks to Skype, we are able to keep in touch pc-to-pc for free.  Still, Angelo and I miss our big guy dearly.

So our days are getting longer and the temperature is beginning to rise.  Soon the heat will be turned off and people will be storing their thick coats for lighter outerwear.  I’m looking forward to spring because it means summer is just around the corner.. can’t wait!

Midtown Cityscape on a Glass Canvas (09March2010 - taken from the corner of 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas)
Midtown Cityscape on a Glass Canvas (09March2010 - taken from the corner of 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas)

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