From Sunny to Gloomy and Sunny again

I had started to write a post here a day or two ago when the sun was shining proudly over Manhattan — unfortunately, the sun seems to have decided to beat us all to the start of the weekend and we even have a chance of snow in the horizon.  No good, but what can we do, right?  So we go with the flow and just hope for some help from Mother Nature over the weekend.

I have a headache.  It’s one of those things I charge to just plain fatigue, stress or age or all of the above.  I already took my two tablets of Naproxen which usually does the trick for me.  I’m testing a cluster earring I hope to post in the shop soon — and I have some beads and pearls within arm’s reach as I try cull some inspiration.  Sometimes I find myself coming up with an idea just by holding the beads and trying to figure out what I want to do with them.   I am not quite at the “50 items for sale” mark just yet at GothamChick, and I have told myself that I will sign up for the showcase option once I hit 100 items.  (It is, after all, an investment, no matter how puny the amount may be, and might as well make the most of it.)

I have had fun combing the various materials I have.  It would be so much easier to think of a piece and then get the materials to create them, but I don’t have that luxury right now, and from the business standpoint, that is really not all that sound. 

Pricing has likewise been a struggle for me because I don’t have the confidence as yet to demand premium price over my cost of materials and labor or puhunan  (capital), so I’m offering my items for reasonable and affordable prices.  (I think.)  But it’s been a good release and is developing to a passion, indeed — something that keeps me up until 1 or 2am — because it’s the only time I can sit down in peace when the boys (Father and son) are in bed.  There are times when I just have to stop myself from working through the night, reminding myself there is work tomorrow and I’ll be getting up in but a couple of hours.

Even weekends aren’t really “sleep until noon” days.  Dinna’s diner has to open by 9am the latest, or the boys will starve to death.  The little one is easier — he’s still a cereal and milk boy.  The father, though, prefers to have his sinangag (garlic fried rice) , scrambled eggs and side of choice.  There are mornings when I would whip up pancakes or my crunchy French Toast, depending on how early I wake up — but always, it’s more about preparing something my family will enjoy more than what I would.  I’ve never been really big about breakfast. 

The sun eventually decided to give it another go — so I can see a bright cityscape outside the window here on the 41st floor, but I’ve been warned that it is terribly cold outside.  Not good.  I was thinking of taking a walk — so I guess I might not.

I have been thinking of things that I have been procrastinating about for weeks on end — specifically, picking up my English translation of El Filibusterismo, and/or starting to read another book.  I also have those letters I’ve been meaning to write.  With Easter just around the corner, though, I’m thinking I need to set aside some serious time to do that this weekend. 

More sun please!


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