Late morning coffee please

It’s a rainy morning in Manhattan and as many would say, “bed weather” all around — but work is here.. It’s Monday.  I missed out on my morning brew because my other half is currently away on a business trip, and I’m beginning to feel the effects of the low caffeine levels in my system today.

Hmmm.. Coffee break at 10:30am?  Forced to, unfortunately.

It seems my world has slowed down with the onslaught of work.  Quite a contradiction, I know.  The first thing I did after getting settled in my office was to whip out pen and paper and start a letter to a goddaughter of mine.  I wrote quite a long missive to my bestfriend yesterday as I sat in McDonald’s as the tyke played, so my writing juices are flowing.  I have yet to write those letters I have long been postponing, though, but at least I’m getting a few on the way.

I miss writing longhand.  Sometimes I would find myself just scribbling without purpose and no direction in the middle of something.  You will find stickies with doodling on my table, although I mean to use those scribblings as scrapbook embellishments to color or cut out.  (Layouts on hold!)  With everything I mean to get done during the few hours I’m home and awake, you can see why work and time in the office actually signals a slow down.  Whilte it is a distraction in itself, it affords me time to shift roles from mom and homemaker to office worker and look at me now taking the the time to write something here.

(Zipping to the pantry to get my coffee..)

I’m staring at my 6oz brew of French Vanilla coffee with non-fat milk.  I’d as easily grab the diet soda, but I really, really need a caffeine boost right now.  I’m hoping the slice of Red Ribbon Banana Walnut bread will help.  =) 

Here goes..



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