Zooming by

I can’t believe my last post here is more than a week old — considering I’ve been visiting practically every day.  So I haven’t really been absent, just that I have been zipping in and out.  (All these Z’s!)

Meanwhile two important holidays had taken place over the weekend: Angelo’s sixth birthday party, and Mother’s Day.  Both are connected in a way — because the second did not become a “real” holiday to me as a Mom (as opposed to it being a reality to me as one who had a mother) until Angelo came into this world 6 years ago.  I still can’t get over the fact how much he’s grown.  For one, I love the way he would curl up and just hug me back when I hold him in my arms.  Happiness..

I have been greeting him “Happy Birthday” for a week now.  I keep going back to the first time I held him in my arms and he  couldn’t event look up at Mom — too busy sleeping.  I can never get over the sheer joy of having him living and breathing as a separate and distinct human being — while some part of him is eternally connected to me.  I can never tell him how much he means the world to me.  When I look at all the things I have done and accomplished — I think motherhood tops the list hands down. 

I didn’t even catch my own Mom to greet her a happy mother’s day.  Well, we did speak the day before.  At least the longing is not as bad, considering we were blessed with the chance to be together three times in the last 24 months.  God has been good indeed.  Everytime I look at my own mom, I see the years catching up with her, and yet there is always that vision of her carrying me in her arms.  I pride myself in having had her love and support through all these years.  Without her never-ending quest to ensure we lived a better life and had a better future than she did, I would not be where I am right now.

I miss mom’s macapuno, champorado and her ginataang alimango.  I actually just miss sitting down with her and catching up on the day, or walking with her in the malls.. her gait is slower now, but the glow in her eyes remains. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.. I am athe mom I am today because of you.

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