Is it just me?

.. or has the Big Mac just gotten a teeny weeny less of a Big guy?  I remember when I first encountered McDonald’s in Manila in the 80s, it was quite a BIG sandwich.. hmmmm. 

I just went out to grab some nuggets for the boy (saving myself the trouble of having to rush to the McDonald’s a few blocks away instead of hopping on a bus to head straight home across the street from where I am right now..)  I thought they said rain.. and I heard a high of just below 60.. it’s scorching hot out there and I came back with a headache!  (Making a mental note now to lower the temperature of the thermostats around me!  The mini fan blasting away at my feet under the desk is NOT helping at all.)

I don’t mean to whine.  It is, after all, Friday.  My favorite part of the week — because it starts two and something days of “me” time.  This weekend is going to be busy.  I have house guests the week after next and I have to get things prepped.  I have a ton of stuff to put away, and I have pearls to work on.  I have some “padala” to take care of and pack away.  (That is if the chocolates haven’t melted away..)

We celebrated another birthday this week with my mother-in-law turning eighty years old.  Wow.  I hope to live to that ripe old age myself, but I imagine I would be more active than she’s been.  When I turn 80 — IF I’m lucky enough to get that far — Angelo will be 43, just about Alan’s age right now.  I do think it’s very possible given how life expectancy keeps getting older and older… so I have no regrets that Alan and I found each other in our mid-30s, and we had Angelo at 37.  (Alan and I are both from the year of the Fire Horse, 1966.)

It’s Friday afternoon and I have a big headache.  It is a comfort, though, that’s it’s finally the weekend!

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