When we are proven wrong

So the Philippines has a new president, but it seems they’re still wrangling over who’s going to be the number two guy in the country.  I was musing about how we were all proven wrong when it seemed to be the popular opinion that Mar Roxas would be a shoo-in for the vice presidency.  I heard about Jejomar Binay making a bid for the same post, but it never occurred to me that he would be the one giving Korina’s hubby a run for the money.   And who would have thought that Erap would give them all a good fight for the presidency?   Strange?  Not in Philippine politics.

But I am  hopeful. 

I am saddened, though, that the talents of Gibo Teodoro have been overshadowed by the reputation of the party leaders he is affiliated with.  I have always been a fan of Dick Gordon — ever since I heard him speak to a group of advertising agency hawks hoping to snag the then much-coveted Subic Bay Freeport Ad campaign contract in the early 90s.

Everyone had an opinion about how things would go — but watching the events unfold 10,000 miles away, I am just amazed at how the results  have proven us wrong.

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