Just a quick peek

I’ve been remiss (again), I know.  I have been trying to keep up with the spam comments I’ve been getting.  (Thank God for the moderation tool!)  Am I supposed to be flattered that they are landing on my blog?  Then again, they’re probably sending it en masse.  They have gotten so good at it that it is rather difficult for me to just tag a comment as “spam” sometimes — and which ones get approved and don’t get approved?  Duh..

In the meantime, I’m busy preparing for some houseguests.  I’m actually excited.  These are kids of a friend of mine who are more like my niece and nephew than the others (beyond Audrey and Art, that is.)  I have seen them grow up and have been privy to their lives inside the four walls of their home.  They have done their mother proud and I am proud, too.  I want to show them “My New York”, but they’re here only for four days. =(  Not enough time but we’ll make do, and yes, that’s actually just three because of a day to be spent at Six Flags.

How do you explore New York in three days?


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