Craft experiments

My favorite past time of late is to virtually shop for beads and other craft goodies, research on materieals and think of new ways to create.  While I haven’t bought anything lately (since I am still stocked up on materials I have yet to turn into jewelry pieces), it gives me an idea about possible combinations.  It’s like reading a book, but browsing things virtually.

I am in the middle of creating a baroque pearl lariat necklace for someone who has everything — or practically everything — that the only meaningful present I can think of would be something I made.  I have a few other pieces I’m putting together to give as gifts.  (Forget the store and selling! LOL)  It doesn’t help that I haven’t actually had time to create much.  I did manage to post new earrings but I haven’t added to my stocks.  I really have to work on this soon because pretty as the pearls and the beads may be in their organizers, they are no good to me if they are not ready to sell.

Dried rose petals I'm trying to fashion into beads

I am even experimenting on rose beads.  I had dried these pretty two-tone roses a month or two ago, and I had tried working on creating beads out of the petals before they were completely dry  based on some online resources, but they ended up losing their pretty colors that I decided I would let them dry instead.  I never quite got to them because they were so pretty on my desk, but today, I fashioned 7 beads (approximately 10-12mm each) which, I am drying for 24 hours before applying another coating of craft glue or resin.  (I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.)  The point is to see how much the beads will shrink or contract once the glue dries out.  If they work and they are usable to make a necklace or bracelet, I will post the how-to here.  (More to follow..)

I am hoping for the day when I’ll be writing here complaining about how I cannot cope with the demands of the store.  It’s been pretty quiet there, but hey, it’s the recession.  And I always say it’s a numbers game — I have to populate the store to offer more choices.  And then maybe one day soon, I’ll see that number of sales in three digits instead of the two that it still is.  =(  In time…


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