The Fourth of July Weekend looms ahead

I started writing this post two days ago (Monday) as I was thinking about it being a Monday when I was in a (somewhat) upbeat mood and yet looking forward to the weekend.  We are planning a short weekend trip to Lake George where we hope to spend some fun time together as a family.  We’re even taking my mother-in-law who has been enticed by the change of scenery and the promised fresh air.

I didn’t get any further than that first paragraph and my blog post lay in draft mode. 

I’ve been ticking off a mental checklist in my head, and I am actually going to do a written one today — marshalling my resources and making sure I have everything covered.  I even got a new swimsuit more suitable to my current voluptuous size. (wink)  I am also trying to get together the pantry supplies we will need, as well as trying to cover “entertainment” options.  (Read: downloading my ABS-CBN soaps so I can catch up.)  I would like to see the P-Noy (President Noynoy Aquino) Inaugural or part of it if I can.  (Check.)  I also want to be able to finally finish the English translation of Il Filibusterismo which has been in my living room all this time, and maybe start reading something new.  (I am still trying to get on with “Pride & Prejudice” which came free with the E-reader from Barnes and Noble on my Blackberry.)  I just let out an audible sigh after I realized that I have been no good in the reading department even if I don’t have to buy any new books to read, because I’ve had a dozen or so collecting dust on my bookshelf.

Sunblock, lotion, chapstick.  Snacks, artificial sweetener, water.  Some of these things we will probably get closer to our destination.  (Milk, for one, cannot be lugged from Queens to Lake George — unless I get the UHT variety…)  And the usual stamps and address labels for my postcards.  I am actually thinking about using some vintage postcards of Lake George that I came across years ago and which is part of my New York Postcard collection (vintage and new) and send them home which is what I customarily do whenever we go on a trip. 

I am even working on my scrapbook embellishments ahead (this time) just so I can start some layouts as I go along.  I’m using brown (kraft) paper on this project and am all excited about the different things I’ll be creating.  (Which I hope to share as downloads for those digital scrapbookers who might stray into this part of the blogsphere.)  So let’s see where that goes…

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