Seriously Sleep Deprived

Alan and I turned in after 4am, but had to heed the alarm clock when it rang at 5:30 because the contractors were coming at 8am.  Breakfast done, the boy got dressed, Alan brought my mother-in-law to her sister’s house — and I had to do some last minute taping of drop cloths and builder’s paper on the carpet.  Then I hit the shower.  After dropping off Angelo at daycamp, I found myself on a bus to the city heading for work.  I was so terribly exhausted I ended up rushing through my usual “paint me a face” routine in the last 5 minutes of the ride, well after the bus had exited the Midtown Tunnel.

And I’m almost dozing off.  I used to have better endurance — literally coming in at almost 4am from some late night out and getting up at 6:30 to head for work the same day.  But that was over 10 years ago.  I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that I just cannot do that anymore.  The spirit might be willing, but the flesh is definitely older.

I sat on the bus and typed up five tasks I wanted to accomplish today, none of which I have had the chance to take care of just yet.  (And to think I had a sale at Gotham Chick!)  I still haven’t had the chance to post anything, and I am trying to figure out to copy a design I saw which I think I can still improve on, if only I can decide what material to use.

Getting off the bus at the first stop, I decided to walk into M&J Trimming located at 1008 Sixth Ave (Ave of the Americas) between 37th and 38th street.   No, I didn’t really intend to buy anything — as I told the solicitous sales clerks who greeted me, I was just browsing and looking for inspiration.  If you’re a crafter or a dressmaker (do we still call them that?) — you would love to walk into this place which showcases shelf after shelf full of trims and notions.  For those who grew up in Manila like I did, think about the best stores of Ilaya and Tabora in Divisoria and Carolina’s in Mega Mall all combined!  It was crafts beyond beads!

I was eyeing some feathers which I thought I could probably work into one of my pearl brooches — and while I know natural is best, I was kind of hoping they were actually artificial.  Unfortunately, they are not.  The asthmatic that I am saw me returning the pretty little findings back on the rack.  (Maybe another time?)

I have bought faux and real leather trim to replace some straps that had gotten worn from a Burberry Blue Label bag I had, and some fancy cords for use with some funky earrings I made a while back.  They have lace in all colors, and all types of ribbons including some fancy dyed ones which I have never seen before.  Inspiration galore!  Colors and textures come alive when you are able to see them in front of you, and better yet, touch them so you can configure a design using the material in your mind.  There were pretty tassles with acrylic crystals but I don’t work with acrylic beads.  They would have made some pretty dangling earrings, but then it would’ve been pretty scandalous to sit next to drapery bearing the same gems..

I finally had to walk out as work awaits!  Still sleep deprived, I dragged myself to the elevator with my shades still on, hoping I didn’t look like a zombie because I certainly felt like one.  I’ve been doing odds and ends here since, answering e-mails, setting up meetings and trying to catch up with work.  My brain power is at a low 65% which is no good, so I thought I’d do something to “wake” me up. 

So here I am.  It’s just the same as “thinking out loud” when you want to clear your head.  I’m still sleepy though.