On with the Kraft Scrapping

kraftscrapIt’s been a while and my photos are waiting to be scrapped into layouts and albums.  I had started this project a while back, promising myself I’d come up with layouts and albums using mostly Kraft paper based elements.

So yesterday I took the time to print out some letters I in black and white on pieces of kraft paper I cut out of the “doggie bags” I’ve been “collecting”.  (I must admit it gives new meaning to “recycling”.)

Using my favorite Letterpress Inverted Alpha which I got from a freebie given by one of the scrapbooking sites I subscribe to, I typed letters spacing them far enough apart to cut separately, and close enough when I ment to produce a whole caption.

I printed the alpha in continuous lines on plain paper and then taped the kraft paper on top of the regular paper to print out my letters.  (This helps me make sure the letters will print within the margin of the kraft paper I cut.)  I am currently using Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighter to color each letter and I must say I like the way it goes onthe kraft paper, except that the yellow highlighter seems to bbe going “over” the black print instead of “into” it.  I try to color as casually as I can without aiming for perfection because it adds to the rugged look.

As you can see in my Kraft Scrap logo above, the highlighter colors the kraft paper very vividly.  While I am using the highlighters for the letters, I intend to experiment with watercolor for the actual background paper.

Hopefully I can get some layouts up soon.  For starters, here are sample spreads of the letters printed and colored.  

TIP: This font has a tendency to have too big a gap between lines so I did my paragraph spacing on Microsoft Word at “Multiple, .65”.


Coming soon: Embellished captions and headers.

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