Another Monday

The Angelo Report The weekend saw me working on several pieces for posting at the shop as I am hardpressed to convert my growing stash of supplies to actual saleable items and hopefully, eventual sales.  I had a query about a possible order for 6 of my memory wire pearl bracelets over the weekend, but I couldn’t fill the order for lack of the right size and shape of pearls I needed to duplicate a design already on sale.  Lesson learned: extra supplies might be needed.

Meanwhile, it’s another Monday.  I’m a tad bit inappropriately dressed because I left home where it was windy and rainy, and arrived here in Manhattan in my fuschia pink light coat and black turtleneck where the sun was shining in full splendor.   *SIGH*  And to think home is just 20 minutes away!  Mother nature can indeed be very fickle-minded.

School has resumed and the little tyke just gave me a call.  At least he remembered (“Call Mommy when you arrive.)  I am happy we are back to our routine.  So at almost 4pm, I’m starting to think about what I’m  serving for dinner.  Weekdays tend to be more routine because I don’t really get home before 7pm most nights, and I have to whip something up in under an hour.  He asked me ever so smugly, “Mommy, are you happy that I called?”  Of course I was.

Our current project is to turn these videos taken from my blackberry into a webcast he wants to put up under the title “THE ANGELO REPORT”.  (I haven’t set up the YouTube channel yet only because I am still trying to find a converter so I can edit the film clips in 3gp format and combine them into one film clip.)  We had so much fun shooting segments last week in Bryant Park (!), his venue of choice.  I am raising a broadcaster-wannabe, complete with request for microphone (mom’s tube of lip gloss) and a people-traffic heavy venue.  Blame this on I-Carly, one of his current favorite shows where Carly and friends have a very popular webshow.  I am thinking our next post should be shot using my trusty digital camera so the format will be better suited for the MovieMaker I use to edit.

It was just such a thrill watching him speaking with such confidence,  and his nonchallant declaration that he wanted to be famous.  Didn’t we all at one time dream about fame?  Forget about fortune… for now.

So Mommy is “camera girl” while we shoot.  “Action!”

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