Creative Streak

It’s minutes to 1AM and I’m just about ready to turn in but I suddenly got the urge to log on and write here.

Three bracelets posted for sale, one sold. Four bracelets later (for posting tomorrow), and I’m actually trying to think of new things to make so I can spend the day doing my write ups. Creating the pieces is actually easier and more spontaneous than trying to write a blurb while measuring the materials used to make the description as accurate as possible.

I’ve started a fanpage and am trying to decide which piece/s I will give away as prizes for those who choose the fanpage as a “like”. (15 so far.. no stats to boast of yet, I know.)

My wholesale supplier just concluded a huge sale and I was able to pick up a few items, but I have fallen in love with this gorgeous dark copper dyed freshwater pearls selling originally for $14.95 which went on sale for $2.00 (!) per 15-inch strand. They are 9-10mm rice pearls, some perfectly smooth and some ringed. How I would love to get 10 strands to create a long continuous necklace. I am hoping I can snatch up a few more strands after I sell a few more items on the store. Ideas, ideas!