From Rainy to Sunny

I’ve taken to drafting my blogposts and product write ups on my blackberry while wading through a commute. While I could input directly, a handheld has its limitations as far as functionality is concerned. Besides, I like making use of the 45 minutes to 1 hour commute productively when the sandman gives me the chance to stay awake.

So last night as I was crawling through the last turn on the Avenue of the Americas towards 57th Street, I was hoping I could complete a blogpost before I start nodding towards la-la land. Didn’t happen. (Hahaha!)

I’m on my way to Manhattan now and hoping that my 3-day old draft will finally make it to publication.

The shop has been keeping me busy. I posted 3 items yesterday which makes me mighty proud. It makes staying up until 1:30am well worth it after I stayed up late sewing my latest brooch creation. (Picture below). I’ve always believed that those bunches of artificial flowers could actually be good for something beyond landing in a vase. I just had to re-make the flower and not use it as is.

I’ve been reading my magazines, too, egged on by the desire to send clippings to friends. One, it makes me set aside time to actually take paper and pen to write. Two, it helps me to get up to speed with my snail’s pace rate with the correspondence. Three, it forces me to actually read. Four, it’ll keep the postal service busy. (Another haha!)

Work has been a good kind of busy. My only gripe is that it means less if not “no time” to do the things I like to do (like blog). There are even days now when I fail to call my brother Nikky daily using the MagicJack. (Forget about Skype!!). Like clockwork, I know he’ll be playing Tantra on the net before he goes to sleep at midnight. But as I said, it’s a good kind of busy. It means I’m being useful.

The sun finally woke up in full splendor this morning after days of rain and grey skies.  Glorious sunshine! It would be lovely to take a walk down Central Park with my camera on hand to snap away pictures of the early stages of fall. If only I had the time.   One of these days, I will.

Autumn Flower Brooch 1

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