When life throws you a curve ball

That expression comes to mind given the panic I had just been engulfed in the last hour or so after Angelo got home to an empty house.  My mother-in-law (I surmised,) had stepped out and probably forgot the time.   Our “sitter” who picks Angelo  up daily and drives him home was adamant about not leaving him unattended.  So I spoke with the downstairs neighbors and after some back and forth, we agreed they would “watch” over him.  He sat in their living room, our phone in hand.  So Alan rushed home, missing an important meeting he had specifically gone to work for today.  What can we do?

Angelo just called me to say Lola finally got home.  I figured she had gone out to buy Alan a present since it was his birthday.  So that’s a relief, considering I was actually imagining Alan might have to go looking for her if he got home and she was nowhere to be found.  You cannot fault the old lady for wanting to buy her son a present.  I know Alan is simmering inside, but I kept reminding him to keep his cool.

We’re supposed to go out and celebrate his birthday this evening with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

At least my mother-in-law got home in one piece, and the drive will hopefully give Alan time to calm down as my own panic subsides.