Re-embellishing a favorite cardigan

I love cardigans.. don’t you?  I must have over a dozen of them — acquired through the years from the tiangges (marketplace) of Greenhills to Landmark and the other Glorietta stores, to Tan Gan (of which I’ve been a fan for over 2 decades!), to GAP, Ann Taylor to name a few.  They don’t get too much wear because of the changing of the seasons, so I can have a cardigan that’s years old in my closet but still look like I had just bought it.

It was maybe three summers ago that I had picked up a nice Joseph A cardigan from the sale rack at Macy’s which was a quarter sleeve piece with a button pattern on the front in place of the regular buttons and buttonholes.  It was a good way to use otherwise plain black buttons and pretty up a black cardigan.  The problem was that around a year after I had it, one of the buttons came off in the middle of the pattern, and a few others got loose.  I put the cardigan away with a mental note to repair the buttons, but seasons have come and gone and I forgot about it.

I was going through our winter stuff to get ready for the colder days when I found it in a pile and finally decided what I wanted to do.  “Off with the buttons!”.  The cardigan was of a very good sweater material and I didn’t want to just put it away.  I have decided to make this a project.  I’m thinking now if I should bead the cardigan with pearls or perhaps embellish it with fabric flowers or both.  Hmmmm… I’m sure the idea will hit me soon enough.

For now, I’m letting the thread holes “heal” by letting the cardigan “rest”.  That’s a project for another day.