Bead and Resin Experiments

I have a favorite wholesaler, Firemountain Gems and Beads, who offers assortable pricing, meaning discounts are offered depending on the volume of your purchase.  The pricing tiers change from 1-14 items, 15-50 and 51-200.  They have some fantastic sales which make me wish I had more flexibility to purchase as much as I want because when they have a sale, it is a true sale in every sense of the word.

During one of their more recent sales, I had gotten these giant yellow turquoise beads in blue and green because I was thinking of doing something with them like I was doing with the large flat oval agate beads I had brought home from Manila.  But when I received the beads, I was a little disappointed with the lack of sheen, then I reminded myself these were “chalk” turquoise, so I guess it was the “chalk” in the bead.

This afternoon, I mixed up  a small glob of my resin and “painted” one surface, with the intention of repainting the other side tomorrow.  The beads are still drying but the change in the sheen is promising.  I just think that I forgot to properly prep the work surface the beads are resting on right now, so that might mean more work tomorrow when I work on the other side.  Using paper plates to hold the beads wasn’t a good idea when I usually use wax paper which the resin doesn’t adhere to.

Lesson learned.

Well, we’ll see tomorrow.  Although resin cannot essentially be “undone”, there is always hope of adding another layer or two to “correct” what needs correcting.

Hopefully, I can post pictures of the work in progress tomorrow before I apply resin to the other side.

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