I’m getting ready for Halloween.  I actually got a witch’s hat last weekend with matching oversized and violet groovy black shades.  I have a ton of all-black outfits to complete the whole attire so I guess I’m all set.  I’m thinking about black lipstick, but I have enough red to take care of that.

Meanwhile, the boy is donning an Optimus Prime costume this year.  (Last year, it was Bumble Bee.) 

It seems that the weather will remain stubbornly cold this Sunday so I’m taking the boy’s thermals out.  At least I’m lucky that he likes giving candy away as much as going around parading in his costume, so I know he’ll be warm in the house after a few minutes of going trick or treating.

Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. The kids at school wore their attire too, including the teachers. So their getting a lot of mileage out of their costumes. I’d like to get a costume too next year. But since I live in a flat now, I don’t know if kids come around here. Am sure Angelo will have great fun.


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