Autumn leaves

During my first autumn in New York in 2000, I had a lot of time to kill as I was still processing my papers to become a legal resident here.  I had taken to collecting freshly fallen leaves in different colors.  The only criteria was the leaf was clean and still fresh.

I am trying to do this again but have not been quite that diligent, more so in preserving the leaf.

I am remembering now that the leaf must be pressed in a book to flatten it immediately or within hours of picking, because doing so after it has been off the tree for more than a day would make the leaves brittle and not quite as pliable.  (And that was how my first batch of leaves turned out.)

I want to try and make my dried autumn leaves frame again, but this time experimenting with putting the leaves bertween a layer of resin on top and at the bottom to laminate it.  I want to see if laminating the leaves would preserve the color or if it would age as the unlaminated frame did.

I was tempted to stop and pick leaves this morning on my way to the bus stop, but I had to rush down lest I miss my bus.  Four trees lining one of the streets along the way had four different shades of fall.  I could have gotten quite a bag of leaves.  With rain in tomorrow’s forecast, I know the first casualty would be whatever leaves remain clinging to the branches.


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