Ending a Four-day Weekend

My Thanksgiving Weekend was rather ordinary, seeing me staying home or close to home through most of it.  Alan had to leave for a business trip which meant having Thanksgiving lunch instead.  We do what we have to do.

There’s at least one more pot in the sink and I’m letting it steep in water so that the cheese can soften up enough to be easy to scrub away.  My movement in the kitchen is almost mechanical everytime I clear the dish rack to make room for more dishes to dry.  I can probably do this with my eyes closed.  From time to time I’ll find a plate or a bowl not in its right place.  That’s the reason why I don’t mind being the one to do it, because I’d end up redoing it anyway if it weren’t me.

It’s been a very productive weekend for me shop wise.  I have posted three new fabric flower brooches in the shop on Etsy, and right before I started cooking dinner in anticipation of Alan’s arrival, I managed to finally create the long-planned drop earrings I had been putting off since the last trip to Manila.  I had made an investment on a set of large baroque cultured pearls but I wanted to be able to create something using 14k gold wire or headpins.  I had to have them made, but I finally got them yesterday.  Voila!  (Pictures need to be edited and will be posted her post-publication tomorrow.)

I really should be hitting the sack after having put the coffeemaker on to brew on the dot tomorrow before I wake up, but I felt a need to sit down and write.

The best part of my weekend was spending time with my little tyke.  I look at how he’s grown and I cannot helped but be awed at how much his personality has evolved even in just the last year.  He knows which buttons to push but at the same time, I see more and more of myself in him.  He makes me smile.  During those times when I am riddled with resentment or anger, he calms me down.  All he has to do is put his arms around me and reassuringly tap me to comfort me.

I’m glad Alan’s back home.  Our weekends are never the same without him.  So we go into December this week.  Where did 2010 go?  Soon, it’ll be 2011.