In search of…

I am searching for a 1″ square punch which should be relatively easy to find but which is proving to be quite a challenge.  (audible sigh)  For something so simple and non-fussy, it seems to be so hard to nail it down.  Even Michael’s in Garden City (MY Michael’s store) didn’t have it in stock.  So I went off to my last resort: Online. has it and can give me free shipping with it’s usual $25 minimum, but for some reason, even the big and might cyber retailer cannot commit to next day shipping as “item might need 1-2 days to process”.  No good. Toys R’ Us offers scrapbooking supplies but alas, no square punch in the right size, and no, the product is NOT offered in store.  And even FAO Schwartz, our esteemed NY toy store to visit offers the line, but again, NOT in store.  And what’s worse, it takes 2-3 days for the item to leave the store, so it looks like there’s no way I will get this in time.  (Another audible sigh.)

I am thinking of braving the Michael’s store in Manhattan but it’s in the 90s, and then there’s the one in Woodside, but I’m stuck commuting so I am not too sure I want to brave that kind of an adventure on a flurry-laiden day like today.  (Twiddling fingers on the table..)

Google, though, brought something totally unexpected my way which, in turn, brought me here.  It was THAT good a find.

I stumbled across Balzer Designs which is just a treasure trove of ideas and creative inspiration.  While I don’t consider myself anything or anywhere near this artistic genius, I thought it was worth sharing to those who might look to this space for ideas.

Go visit when you have the chance.  I have to keep this short because I need to do my own browsing and try to get to know Julie!

Creative Inspiration Stop: Balzer Designs

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