Ending my weekend


It’s been a rather productive weekend but one which I wish had an extra twenty-four hours more.  I’m whining again — but this time, doing it with a smile.  I think it’s been a good weekend work-wise.  I managed to spend much of my Sunday “punching away” after getting a Marvy Uchida Mega circle puncher from my favorite Michael’s, but I broke the sweet little gadget within my first two hours of using it.  (Dang!)  So what I did was to disassemble it and find what was wrong in an attempt to repair it.  No luck.  Now I know that the puncher, big as it may seem, can actually only handle one cardstock sheet at a time.  I tried to do two.  Something broke inside which was not repairable.

Now I’m punching away with a slight difficulty, but the important thing is that the puncher IS working.  And the valuable lesson learned will hopefully not lead to another broken puncher next time.

I’ve taken to collecting those paint swatch chips at Home Depot or Lowes whenever we are there, and I managed to create these two-color circle gift tags with recycled (or for some, “up cycled”) kraft paper from those brown shopping bags.  I’m might proud of the result.  (Picture coming as I don’t have my single hole puncher here at home, and I am trying to get the glue to set.)

I know I’m making my gift tags for sale a little late, but these experiments will hopefully lead to more lessons learned and better products.


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