My special place

I don’t know if it’s all the spam comments I’ve had to clean up from my inbox here, but I haven’t really had the chance to write.  I had already shut down the laptop and was getting ready to turn in when I felt a compelling urge to reboot and log in.

I know most people are writing about the holidays and the coming year but my heart and mind are not really into writing about that right now.  Not that the holiday spirit has not been “here”, but just because there are things that I can bear to think about but not write about.  So instead, I dwell on other things when it comes to writing.

I had stopped creating pieces over the holiday weekend but have done quite a bit in the last two days.  I just posted three bracelets today and am slated to add around 4 pieces at least tomorrow.  That is, if I can manage to actually take pictures and post them.

The snow is far from gone and this afternoon, I took a trek down to the local grocery, but not without dealing with the treacherous ice along the half-plowed walkways, and the streets still awash with mushy and dangerous ice.  The sun in its full splendor got tired early and sunset took a while but the grey skies eventually overtook us.

I had errands to do.  Ran out of rice, for one.  Thankfully, Goya now has a jasmine rice variety which should tide me over until I can get my usual milagrosa variety from the Asian store. So off I went with a shopping tote in tow, and little did I know there was a very treacherous obstacle course ahead of me.  But I made it.

Dinner was FreshDirect’s Meatballs and slow cooked Tomato sauce.  Yum for me.  Good enough for the hubby.  Without having to cook a full meal, I had time to deal with the paper punching and that’s the reason why I have pieces for posting.

Just before turning in, I grabbed the kindle and  I came upon this article in the New York Times.  A picture on the “frontpage” led me to a piece on Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins 2who is better known as being the tight end of this football team but who has a passion for pottery.  I found his story inspiring, reaffirming why I bother to sit through my crafts day in and day out and late into the night or early morning.  It gives you something different to focus on and relieve the everyday stress and pressures of your otherwise “real” life.   (So he is into crafts and he blogs, too!)

I find myself constantly evolving and developing as an artist.  (I am suddenly forced to take pause and re-evaluate if I can indeed call myself an artisan?)  My creative process keeps changing.  Whenever I go back to the pieces I had created from when I started out a year ago, I find such a big difference in terms of what I had come up with then and what I am creating now.  That in itself is a journey.

My journey for the day has ended.  I must rest now and get ready for another day in the real world, punctuated by visits to my special place where I sit and create things.


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