Another week has begun…

I’m getting ready to leave work now (at 6:22) but I thought I had time to write a few lines here, and DELETE THOSE SENSELESS SPAM COMMENTS that have been flooding my comment box.. Wow.. people actually think that despite my moderation of all comments, there is a chance that their nonsense and shameless plugs will actually make it to publication.  NOT.

One of these days I’m going to publish some of these idiotic comments that are good for a few snickers here and there at least.  Entertaining, indeed — you’d think they would give it a little more effort to feed my blog with spam, and to at least leave a generic enough comment to “mask” their true intent.  But hey — that’s marketing for you.

So I started another week here, and Monday is almost done.  I’m thinking about what we’re having for dinner which is only half the question since the one who ultimately decides is the one holding the steering wheel on the way home.  I ought to declare a dictatorship on father and son where their stomachs are concerned to make life easier, but our daily family meals is one of the highlights of my day.  That means Dinna’s diner stays open.

It’s terribly cold again and there is talk of yet another snowstorm coming our way tomorrow and well into Wednesday.  Hmph!  Let it end please.

Meanwhile, I have to say goodbye for now and maybe I’ll visit again later in the midst of the paper punching, pasting and maybe I might yet get to make a pair of earrings or two.  Maybe.