Cold NYC

Brrrrrr.....It’s a cold, cold day in New York again, and we’re all looking forward to a long weekend, thanks to the observance of the Martin Luther King Day on Monday.  Any break is most welcome, even if it doesn’t mean much considering the torturous weather we’ve been suffering through the past couple of days.

I stopped by Bryant Park on the way to work and snapped  some pictures before heading up.  It’s not quite as icy as it was last year but it’s cold nonetheless.

So we’re all bundled up and braving the cold, looking forward to the coming of spring.  It can’t come soon enough!

I’ve managed to put away the holiday decorations (hooray!) and have a few hand-wash items to take care of this weekend.  I just want to read, watch my Pinoy soaps (Imortal is killing me!) and relax and recharge through the weekend.  I’m even willing to pass up a day at an indoor waterpark father and son are planning to visit over the weekend to get more things done.

I also want to put together a small packet to send home, as some officers of the company I work for are jetting to Manila to visit our call center operations down there.  About time that we bagged some of these contracts — I’m proud and envious at the same time.  I have made a joke to each officer who I know is going about taking me with them.  I even mentioned to my boss that she should accept any invitation to go and head that way, take the corporate jet, and I don’t care if I have to sit through the whole trip instead of getting one of the reclining beds, I’m going to take any opportunity to go home.

An audible sigh just escaped my lips there.  I am green, green with envy.

It doesn’t matter that I was just there a year ago and most recently, 6 months ago to lay Dad to rest.

One of the officers going made a joke of the security situation and I proudly told him the Philippines is actually one country that really loves Americans.  (So no reason to fear.)

Sunny in Manila and cold in New York.  Maybe thinking of the heat back home will keep me warm here.