On the cover of my Art Journal

Don’t laugh now.  I have started my art journal and have tried to come up with my first “entry” using a 4″ x “6 unlined index card, and what art pens I had handy here on my desk.  So I spent the better part of my lunch hour putting this together, and here it is.

I know I have to work harder at photographing the finished work but I was too excited to really give it all that much attention.

4" x 6" first attempt at Art Journaling I was torn between waiting to get my materials together and just doing it spontaneously, but spontaneity won in the end.  It took me 5 sheets to complete the work, and although I was initially tempted to actually print the title on the page and color over, I thought I’d give it a try doing freehand doodling and then coloring it in.  I used to do a lot of this in a previous life when I did my school work and my greeting cards.

I had very limited pens on hand — and the mommy in me had some crayons that I would occasionally fish out of my purse left over from restaurant visits and coloring sheets that had kept the tyke preoccupied.  I would unload them in my desk drawer from time to time to have something stashed away for those times the little boy was here.

I have been fancying swirls the last couple of weeks and decided to work on that for this layout, principally because they were easy and top of mind.

I did the four-color swirl trim first, then needed to cut it out of the original sheet because I didn’t like how my lettering went.  “ART” came out beautifully the first time, but “JOURNAL EVERYDAY” took three attempts before I was happy.  Within the trim (just above the yellow swirl), I inserted my tag (Pinaynewyorker) and below it, I put the date, then filled in all the other empty spaes with plain black swirls, after which I colored the whole background a watery lavander.

Before “assembling” the different elements, I drew the background in pink and blue around the “JOURNAL EVERYDAY” scribbling, then I pasted the four swirls.  I also chose to do a black border around the paper just by running my chisel-edge marker on the edge of the page and then I pasted the four-color swirl.  Rather than just pasting “ART”, the scrapbooker in me made me pull my staple out and staple the word onto the piece.  I wanted more than just the project name in front and it wasn’t hard for me to come up with “A personal journey” which I printed on a piece of kraft folder in Adler font which I also stapled to the postcard.

I joined the Flickr Group where similar and much better works are displayed and I am almost ashamed to show my work on the same page as the great art I see there!

But Art Journaling, much like blogging, is a very personal thing for me.  I like being with a group that inspires creativity in me and helps me to bring out that part deep inside me which I keep suppressed in the midst of work and motherhood.

Angelo will get such a kick out of seeing “mom’s art”, I am sure.  I actually want to collaborate with him in working on my “suns” which he admired when he saw the first time I worked on my scribblings.  Soon.

Why not join us on this journey?

If you want to see more of my Art Journal, please click here, or you can always choose my Art Journal Every Day page from the list on the top left of the blog page.

I invite you to view the Flickr Group dedicated to this endeavor byclicking here, and be inspired to create your own art journal. (Artistic talent optional.)