I’m exhausted.

It doesn’t help that the day started very early because I had to get the boy ready for religious ed.  Since Alan is away, we had to be all set by 8:30 when the taxi arrived.  When we got there, we waited awhile and I left him when class started.  I really meant to hang out but recording the 10am Avengers show proved to be a little daunting for me, so I went back home the long way: braving the cold and commuting.  It’s not really that bad considering the church is actually walkable but the snow and the time constraint proved to be an obstacle.

Show taped, I walked back to the bus stop and made it back to the church just as the teacher’s assistant was getting ready to head back into the building with the boy in tow.  I was almost late but I made it.  We headed home hand in hand, hopped on a bus,  making a stop at a dollar store along the way.

Knowing I didn’t fail in the tech department made me a proud mom, more so when he chose to go home and watch first before our trek to the neighborhood McDonald’s for lunch.  A 44-year-old can eat only so much McNuggets, more so when you’re counting points, but I went anyway.  Armed with the Blackberry, a magazine with letters to write, I patiently sat and kept busy as he played.

Let him burn off all the nuggets he ate.  He finally tired and we headed home.

Tired to a 6 1/2 year old apparently isn’t anything close to that of a worn out Mom.  I almost dozed off but fought it as I tried to get some more chores done.

As requested (by who else but the tyke!) — Giniling for dinner, and now it’s time to get ready for bed.  I need an energy drink and he’s still dancing to Victoria Justice on Nick.  It’s all worth it, though, more so when he says from out of the blue, “I love you, Mom.”

I love you more.


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