Art Journal Every Day: Snow Day

I thought we had had enough snow for the season and the next, but we got hit with yet another snowstorm last night.  At first it seemed there was hope as I trudged to slushy but not snow laden sidewalks on the way home last night, but it proved to be but a momentary lull.  By the time I got home, pebble sized hail had started to fall and as the night got deeper, the snow fell in full force.

It was such a relief to hear that school had been suspended early this morning, and that the bus service was likewise suspended with it.  It gave me the justification to work from home when I was contemplating taking a day off to stay with the tyke.  The trees outside were blanketed in white.  After a path through the walk was cleared,  there was clearly at least a foot of snow on either side.  I can only imagine the mounds of snow littering the outer streets that would make a walk to the bus stop an obstacle course literally.

I finally picked up my jewelry making tools last  night and almost have a finished necklace, but this time, I am making this locket necklace for myself.  I love buying lockets for pieces yet to be created, but the only locket I had actually made into a necklace became a keepsake to my half sister just before I left Manila in August of last year.  So there went my locket necklace.  This time I want to create a three layer ensemble, but with separate necklaces that will allow me to wear them together or by themselves.  The first piece, the sweetheart necklace (length: approximately 19 inches is done.)  The second is going to be a replica of a piece I have for sale online which shouldn’t be difficult.  The third is something I am still thinking about.

After the flurry of e-mails this morning, I am finally sitting down to write (lunch hour) and I just finished my third layout for my art journal.  I had started scribbling the word art title yesterday on my desk with a blue highlighter and this light green crayon in my office stash.  The purple background is another highlighter pen I had which I love working with.  (I am almost sure you’ll be seeing more of this in other layouts. )

Art Journal No. 3: Snow DayTa- dah!!  It looks very amateurish but I never pretended to be a full-pledged artist.  I try.   I love that I was able to use my Martha Stewart Punch and Stamp Polar Snowflake in this project though I had bought this primarily for my holiday projects.  I first tried stamping the snowflakes in white ink pigment but I think it was more the paper or my being new to stamping and it didn’t quite come out except for a faint hint.  So I punched snowflakes from a regular notebook page (not so white but no quite blue), showing lines and all, then I printed my journaling on some kraft paper cut out from a brown shopping bag using Adler font.

I had some leftover paint chip cardboard snowflakes which I pasted above the mat of snowflakes giving it a little volume and allowing a play of shadows.

I usually feel a little wary about posting my latest entry in the Flickr Group because of all the artists who post their own works there — and yet the support from fellow members is encouraging.  I might yet grow out of my current 4″ x 6″ format and work on bigger layouts.  I am also getting a lot of inspiration as to medium used — old cereal boxes, anyone?  As I often say, I learn something new everyday!

I’m currently researching Gesso and found this enlightening post entitled Gesso – What it is and how to use it by Aisling d’Art.  But for now, it’s time to get back to work.