Day after the Snow Day

Bryant Park day after the storm of 1/27/2011 We’ve had so much snow this winter that life just goes on after each one that hits us — and don’t look now but they’re saying another one might be coming our way next week.  Enough of the snow now please!

While my favorite part in all this is when the snow is falling, the aftermath is sheer torture because it feels like I’m walking through a freezer room, and there’s the slush, the muddy water, the slippery ground I must deal with.  Case in point: I almost fell three times today on the way to the bus stop which was not a bus stop this morning as it was half buried in snow.  So we, the hapless commuters, had to stand by the side of the busy road.

I was actually debating with myself about whether or not I would step out for lunch, and the urge to use some reward points from Subway actually won out, which was the reason why I have this pretty picture of the snow-laden trees in Bryant Park above.  The frozen fountain is now unfrozen and the ice skating rink is still up — but dirty slush now lines the periphery of the park and mounds of plowed snow here and there.

I remember eversince I was a child, I used to dream of seeing snow.  It is still quite a sight to behold more so when it’s freshly fallen and untouched, but the magic has gone more so when I stop to think about what happens to that snow when it starts melting.

I cannot wait for the weekend to begin.  I have finally picked up my jewelry making tools again, fashioning my heart locket to wear — and I want to bop myself in the head for forgetting to bring it this morning as I rushed out of the house.  I guess I must finish it soon.  The heart locket dangling from the bridge of a skeleton key just seems too plain — it need a bit of oomph, although I am happy with it as is. Perhaps a pearl or two would help if not a cross shaped pearl, both of which I have some of.

Right now all I can think of is heading home, getting the boy fed and tidied up, and then I’m sitting down on the sofa to catch up the Criminal Minds reruns on ION Television

Maybe I’ll pick up the paint brush and get a layout done for my Art Journal.