Art Journal Every Day: New York, My Home

Art Journal Every Day No. 3: My Home: New York CityMy first attempt at rendering something in watercolor.

I turned one of my own photographs of the Manhattan skyline into an “edged” outline which I painted into.  I had originally thought of doing a sunset backdrop but I didn’t like the way the red, orange and yellow were worked in together so I did a blue and black wash over it.

The words/letters are all from newspaper clippings which again, I tried to paint over but which didn’t go over quite well so I ended up writing/coloring over with markers.  I tried.

The actual journaling in block print actually felt like a mistake once done but I thought, hey, it was a good first attempt, and one I can hopefully learn from.

I have another layout I haven’t quite decided on yet, but which I hope to round up my January participation in the Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day project.  I am going to try to do 28 hearts for February, so I don’t want to leave my existing layouts hanging.

On with the art journaling.