Art Journal Every Day: Believe

Art Journal Every Day No. 4: BelieveI picked up some old newspapers and tried creating this flower by doodling irregular circles using a purple highlighter which I later smudged with a wet paintbrush.  After it dried, I doodled over with a black fine point sign pen.  I tried to be as free form as I can with the whole piece, cutting in an abstract fashion as well.  The leaves and the stem were more deliberate after I found a rather huge graphic in blue and green which I used and then pasted to an extra sheet and then painted in outline with green watercolor.  For the background, I picked a plain section of the newspaper which I painted in blue, pasted on to a support/backing sheet and then I trimmed and then created my collage.

The word art came much, much later as I couldn’t decide what exactly I wanted to put there.  BELIEVE somehow came naturally as I just sat and reflected on what one word I would want to put on t his particular piece, my favorite to date.  I tried to find scripture about how God takes care of the flowers and so we must not worry about how He takes care of us, but I found it a little over reaching to actually put that in.  The word art was LetterPress Inverted font printed onto a brown bag, colored by a blue highlighter.

Thus ends my January, and on to the next challenge, where, I hope to create 28 hearts.