No Superwoman

My body finally gave in.  I am trying to count the hours to when I can schlep home, down some Theraflu and just lie down.  My sinews are aching and my body feels like it’s ready to drop to the floor.  (Perish the thought.. that would be one big thud!)  Started with tea and honey, loaded up on the meds, and here I am.

I brought a SmartOnes lunch to the office although my points watching courtesy of WeightWatchers has totally gone out of whack because of Alan’s goodies from Paris.  (Note to self: next time make sure what he brings home are NOT fresh and are  storeable so that there is no pressure to finish it pronto and load up on the calories.)  The good news is that despite all the loading, I lost 2 lbs.  (That makes it a total three since I started a week ago.)  There IS hope!

Meanwhile, I just discovered my Tuseran Forte stash expired last October 2010 so bye-bye to that one.  The good news is I have one more pack of Strepsils (relief!) and I have my undisclosed magic medicine to help me fight off the infection.   And as luck would have it, my Lagundi tablets are good until next year.

This is one weekend when we need to take things a little slow, and just let my body recharge. 

I haven’t as yet done anything for February for my Art Journal Every Day project which saddens me greatly, because I had hoped to create 28 projects for all of Feb.  That means I’m down 4.  Drats.   Well, there is the weekend.  And I might yet get that done while in bed, like I watched a few clips last night while I had the tyke snoring by my side.    So let’s just wait and see..

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