Heart over heart

Heart over heartI have  been making hearts because the inspiration to create for my Art Journal Every Day project has been slow in coming.  The hearts were more natural to make, and it was a good start.

Now I’m wondering if I was being overly ambitious thinking I’d complete my 28 layouts for the month of hearts.  The hopeless romantic in me actually remains optimistic because this is one topic that inspires a lot of ideas in my amateur hands.  Maybe I’ll stick to scrapbook-like collages.

My weekend is a little fluid considering I’m fighting off the flu and trying to keep an asthma attack at bay.  While I don’t think the asthma will hold, I’m glad the body aches are gone.

I’m sitting here counting hours to the start of another work week.. no new layout, although I did manage to post some new items in my Etsy shop.  The bed is calling out to me, so I am going to call it a day now… maybe I can get a layout done tomorrow.