Art Journal Every Day: To the one who lights up my world and warms my heart

Heart No. 1: To the One who lights up my world and warms my heart Finally.  I struggled for days on end, and here is my first entry for the month of hearts.  It’s a favorite phrase that I use to refer to my honey.

I wanted to be able to create 28 pieces all of the same size and later combine them into one journal for the month of February.  I guess you can say I’m getting more confident because I am no longer confining myself to a 4″ x 6″ postcard.  I am venturing to an actual 8″ x 8″ layout I hope to pull together into a scrapbook.

I had my crayons here on my desk and the highlighters and vari-colored sign pens.  Three shades of green for the background, and two passes of doodled letters to make the whole thing fit nicely into my heart.  I hesitated before deciding I would write randomly and without direction between the letters to fill the spaces instead of leaving it as is.  I like the way it came out.  =)

Happiness on this Valentine’s Day is my first journal entry.

Happy Valentine's Day

I don’t know if it’s all the snow but people are suddenly all into feeling warm and fuzzy and greeting everyone Happy Valentine’s Day.  This is news to me only because I used to be the only one heralding this day of hearts.  Not today.  And happiness and cheer is always cause to smile. 

Although it’s a little difficult being all cheerful given the fact that I’m feeling a bit under the weather still (although showing signs of getting to being fully recovered soon), I feel a marked improvement.  So I’m trying to hydrate with more lemon tea with honey, and I’m weaning myself from the medication.  One thing that I’ve had to live with all my life is an allergy-type asthma which is not as cumbersome a condition as those who require an inhaler on hand, but which can still sap me of my energy when an attack comes upon me like now. 

My valentine dinner last Saturday turned into a take home dinner part 1 followed by another take home dinner part 2 last night.  So it’s our typical more than one-day celebration, and from all indications, there’s part 3 to look forward to tonight.  The tyke is demanding a valentine’s day card which I tried to shirk away from by insisting his Dad was my valentine, but I have a feeling I won’t get off that easily.

Moonstone and Silver Dangle EarringsI picked up my plyers over the weekend and managed to come up with a few pieces — some half finished from ages ago.  Others were long-forgotten ideas I had to set aside due to some other projects.  I had come across this prertty hand-cut faceted moonstone ovals that I had tried working with along with some amethyst roundels, but this one came out quite nicely, so much so that I might actually make a pair for myself!  (The curse of creativity and trying to make a business out of it is the struggle to resist the urge to keep the pieces that might actually successfully sell!)

My discount promo codes expire tonight, so I’m holding off putting this pair up in the shop until tomorrow.

I have thus far successfully resisted the urge to get any more new supplies and instead have been working around what I have.  No sense in amassing more raw materials when there is enough to work with as it is.    It has worked to my advantage, forcing me to be more “creative” and “imaginative” as far as pulling together the materials I already have. 

We’re supposed to get more sunshine in the coming days which I guess is a good sign that we will indeed have an early spring.  At this point, any signs of improving weather are most welcome given all the snow we’ve been buried under the previous weeks.  There are still clumps of snow where we live, although there are hardly any visible leftover mounds in the city.  (Enough snow already!)

So here’s to a warm valentine’s day celebration for all those celebrating with someone special and by themselves, remembering someone special.  Remember, Happiness is a choice..