Art Journal Every Day: To the one who lights up my world and warms my heart

Heart No. 1: To the One who lights up my world and warms my heart Finally.  I struggled for days on end, and here is my first entry for the month of hearts.  It’s a favorite phrase that I use to refer to my honey.

I wanted to be able to create 28 pieces all of the same size and later combine them into one journal for the month of February.  I guess you can say I’m getting more confident because I am no longer confining myself to a 4″ x 6″ postcard.  I am venturing to an actual 8″ x 8″ layout I hope to pull together into a scrapbook.

I had my crayons here on my desk and the highlighters and vari-colored sign pens.  Three shades of green for the background, and two passes of doodled letters to make the whole thing fit nicely into my heart.  I hesitated before deciding I would write randomly and without direction between the letters to fill the spaces instead of leaving it as is.  I like the way it came out.  =)

Happiness on this Valentine’s Day is my first journal entry.

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