The Empire State Building in red

The Empire State Building on Valentine's day That’s the Empire State Building all decked out for Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Taken with my trusty blackberry as my rechargeable  batteries (at least the ones that are newest) are currently powering the boy’s Wii paddle.  My trusty camera is out of commission but I still bring it with me wherever I go.  (Note to self: get a new set of rechargeable batteries.)

I normally head away from this particular nightscape but had moved towards it tonight, completely missing the purple and orange lights adorning its top.  Drats!

I am tired and ready to turn in at just a few minutes to midnight.  This is early.  I am exhausted (I think it’s the asthma) and I really want to get a headstart on the sandman.  I am so exhausted that I have foregone picking up the plyers although I have two pieces I wanted to create which didn’t even require any manueverings or creative exertion.  It can wait.


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