Art Journal Every Day: The Loves of My Life

Art Journal Every Day: The Loves of My Life.. Alan, AngeloThis is actually the latest of four works in progress I had at the start of the day, and I don’t know if it’s so much the topic of the piece that made me finish it sooner than the others, but it was a pretty fluid composition on the two loves of my life: Alan and Angelo.

I’ve spent most of the day cooking and watching father and son playing around.  They are such a joy even when I watch them sleeping side by side.  What better inspiration but to write about the two who give me the most joy?

On a creative streak

There are days when I wish I could be creating constantly but the inspiration or the will or the time is just not there.  The past couple of days has seen a spurt of creativity, though, and I’m getting ready to post several earrings and a simple leaf skeleton necklace in my Etsy shop, GothamChick.

Pink Bouquet with a Clear Rosaline teardrop Dangle Earrings Gold Champagne Thunder Polish Glass Crystal Bouquet Dangle Earrings

I’m also currently working on three pieces for my Art Journal Every Day project.  I didn’t realize that doodling in an organized and not organized fashion at the same time would fuel the inspiration to get going with my 28 hearts.  I might actually get to finish the goal I had set at the start of the month.  Even Angelo has been inspired seeing something that he knew was spurred by his famous line, “Mommy, can I tell you something?  I love you..”.. so I had to create something similar for him to color and work on.

I have had to deal with some mistakes, though, and it’s a good thing that I’m working with a simple shape — a heart — so I’ve managed to undo the mistake by cutting out the heart and pasting them onto a new sheet.  I’m done zentangling for the next couple of hours to get to the more lucrative side of actually putting up new pieces for sale in the shop.   (Now if I can only re-install my blackberry desktop software so I can lift the photos from the bb to upload..)

There’s the laundry that needs folding and hopefully, a few pages on the kindle.