Art Journal Every Day: Forever in my heart

Art Journal Every Day: Forever in my heartPink. Specifically, Fuschia Pink.

I had tucked in the boy last night and almost fell asleep beside him. I rose again at a few minutes past 11pm and turned on the TV. Somewhere between the reruns of Criminal Minds (which has gotten me totally hooked!), I started the swirls and patterns and at just before 1AM finally finished this. Somehow the work was more fluid and flowed easily. Working with the right shade of pink helped.

I tried to be more experimental with my scribblings, using smaller spaces for the patterns delineated and then distinguishing colored and plain lines to create a contrast. It’s hard to explain, and not that I mean to, but it has been truly therapeutic for me even if I do it in spurts.

I don’t remember ever finishing any of my 8 hearts in one sitting. It is always a staggered process which allows me to be more creative. Sometimes in putting in the tiny details, I find myself just getting lost in the repetitive action and it just soothes my weary mind.

Forever in my heart…

The caption came just as spontaneously.  I thought of things that were dear to me and memories which are literally forever etched in my heart of hearts.  I think of the happy thoughts and the feelings that matter.  I am not talking about pain or sorrow.  Not that I have not had those aplenty, but I have always tried to move on as best I could and let those negative feelings go.  Life is short, they all say.  So I count the good ones and tuck away the bad in those nooks and crannies where they can disappear into nothingness.  Let the happy thoughts and the good memories be the ones that I keep forever in my heart.

Happiness is.. pastillas and cheese tarts

I just picked up a package from my sister’s friend who arrived from Manila last night.  Braving the cold temperatures outside, I walked down to the hotel two blocks away from my building and eagerly picked up my package from the front desk.  For my part, I left a small box of treats for him to enjoy — just a little sampling of New York.

So who cares if I have only 4 cheese tarts?  And that the pastillas are not my beloved Goldilocks? My poor brother and sister-in-law had reportedly canvassed 4 different outlets and came up empty handed.  I’m not complaining.  The pastillas produced in these parts taste differently, presumably because of a difference in the ingredients.  And cheese tarts are almost unheard of.  The one time I got lucky in California, they tasted and felt different once I had started eating one.  I am smiling as I type away thinking of all these good memories associated with Goldilocks.  I love, love, love their goodies — having grown up with them.

I remember when I was younger, birthday cakes were either Goldilocks or Jonis.  A quick scan through Google shows that Jonis is still around, but they don’t seem to have a website.  I used to love their butter cake slice and macaroons… My Dad even used to bring us to their head office somewhere in Manila to order our birthday cakes.  I remember how much of a treat that was to go through this thick photo album they had where you were supposed to pick the design.

My birthday falls 5 days ahead of my brother, Abril’s, so we usually had two cakes or a joint cake whenever we had a birthday party.  Memories brought on by simple joys.. =)