Happiness is.. pastillas and cheese tarts

I just picked up a package from my sister’s friend who arrived from Manila last night.  Braving the cold temperatures outside, I walked down to the hotel two blocks away from my building and eagerly picked up my package from the front desk.  For my part, I left a small box of treats for him to enjoy — just a little sampling of New York.

So who cares if I have only 4 cheese tarts?  And that the pastillas are not my beloved Goldilocks? My poor brother and sister-in-law had reportedly canvassed 4 different outlets and came up empty handed.  I’m not complaining.  The pastillas produced in these parts taste differently, presumably because of a difference in the ingredients.  And cheese tarts are almost unheard of.  The one time I got lucky in California, they tasted and felt different once I had started eating one.  I am smiling as I type away thinking of all these good memories associated with Goldilocks.  I love, love, love their goodies — having grown up with them.

I remember when I was younger, birthday cakes were either Goldilocks or Jonis.  A quick scan through Google shows that Jonis is still around, but they don’t seem to have a website.  I used to love their butter cake slice and macaroons… My Dad even used to bring us to their head office somewhere in Manila to order our birthday cakes.  I remember how much of a treat that was to go through this thick photo album they had where you were supposed to pick the design.

My birthday falls 5 days ahead of my brother, Abril’s, so we usually had two cakes or a joint cake whenever we had a birthday party.  Memories brought on by simple joys.. =)

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