Art Journal Every Day: For Angelo

Art Journal Every Day: About the boy Two finished art journal entries in one day!  It’s been in the works for a couple of days and both pieces were actually earlier attempts that needed a do-over.  I finished the hearts before the total piece was done and had made mistakes with the “artwork” around it.

These two pieces also have a common denominator in that they are inspired and revolve around my son, Angelo.

Since my artistic talent is lacking and I cannot draw a likeness of him, I had my 6-year-old son put his hand down and I traced around it and made it the focal point of this particular piece.  I have tried to periodically document his handprint because it shows him growing through the years.  Being part of my Art Journal Every Day project of 28 hearts for February, this work is dated.

The heart and hand were done on kraft paper, and I pasted it on a special mustard-colored paper as a do-over after I made mistakes in trying to decorate the border.

This one’s all about the boy.. my little guy.

Art Journal Every Day: Can I tell you something?And the second one is another heart dedicated to my son.  He has a knack for drawing out a smile from me when he innocently says, “Mom, can I tell you something”? and when I say “What is it?” — he sweetly responds with “I LOVE YOU..”

I printed the word art on the outside in Hotel Essex font in outline format, and I decided to leave it at before I messed it up again.

I am enjoying all this doodling and am actually going to work on creating designs I can render on paper gift tags, maybe cards and bookmarks.  I might even come up with an alpha  sheet.  I am already working on a Thank You card.

All this inspiration from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and all the other creative souls who are part of Art Journal Every Day.  Although I find myself drooling and going all green with envy when I look at the real works of art my other co-participants post in our Flickr group, I find it soothing to see how other people express themselves through their art, no matter what level of artistry they may possess.  (I mean, look at me, I’m there!)

I also find myself now seriously thinking of getting an actual notebook to use as a handy journal for just free-form journaling.  (That’s me who was so terribly resistant to the idea in the beginning.)  Perhaps it’s my progression into more regular art journaling which can be both good and bad.  (It does take away time from my other preoccupations.)  That may sound more profound than I actually meant it to be — I like being able to hold actual pieces and not a whole journal full.  So It’s something I’m still evaluating.

In the meantime, on with the journaling!